February 07, 2016

here I stand

hello again, friend of a friend. my blogging style for the last two years or so has been pretty much that of an eff-boy. just when you start to get over me, I send you a winky face text to give you just enough hope to last you until the next time you've almost given up on me.
well that breakfast burrito isn't the only thing you gonna see twice, it's me. Olivia. hey how are ya. 

Olivia! where have you been?!

I been right here, baby. just being lazy af. if you want constant and sometimes annoying updates on me hmu on my twitter always. also peach. it's a ~new~ social media app on the rise and I really want it to be a thing. it's pretty much all social media apps in one. it's where I go when I want to spam the Internet without losing followers. download it and add me. @ viapetty. 

what have you been up to?!

adult coloring books. I don't care about the preconceived notions of how basic that is. it's fun. also I do embroidery. I party. and by party I mean mostly go to the gym in the mornings, and watch movies with Talia. and Matt. I've been desperately hurting pretty hard over Shaylee leaving on her mission. on January 6th she went into the MTC to prepare to serve in the Texas Houston east mission.

I've wept. a lot.

but I am so insanely proud of her and so inspired by her example to me.

are you going to school? do you have a job?

no. I'm living at home, I'm my moms full time caregiver. I help out here with errands, appointments, and I help pack and ship out stuff my dad sells online. so I still help bring home the bacon. I win the bread. gettin mad cheddar. making that green lettuce. I bring the whole sandwich to the table. 

are you still planning to serve a mission? 

yes. one thousand percent yes. and I'm finally gaining traction. I think I'm finally stable on the right mix of medications, my doctors are ready to sign off. right now I just gotta go and get some blood work done, talk to an insurance agent, and send those bad boy papers in(!).

hopefully I'll be able to keep the good news rolling in. until next time. xoxo. lazy girl. 

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