September 26, 2015

the 8:30 train of thought

I just caught a train southbound and my train is no longer the 750 to Provo, it's the 8:30 train of thought. 

-I didn't pay my fare. the machine was out of order and I could see the trains headlights on the track and so I decided to take my chances and try to bum a free ride. if the attendee calls me out I'll just voluntarily pay online or something. What do they do to you if they catch you doing that anyway?

-Last night my basement flooded. there I am sitting on my couch watching Grey's Anatomy and it starts raining. on me. in my basement. I thought it was the apocalypse. Our washing machine is now dead. so earlier we had to take a trip to the laundromat. It felt very urban and made me reminiscent of my childhood. 

-that makes three of our appliances out of commission. 1. the oven 2. the vacuum 3. the washer. Heavenly Father is teaching me a lot about faith  right now. actually all the time. but especially this last month. 

-recent personal devastation: the boy whom I have had an adamant crush on for years, has recently entered a relationship with the girl who was his best friend.

-the day I found that out I drove up to my favorite park, laid in the grass, and cried. I watched the sunset and listened to my chill playlist. I was there for over an hour and a half. I was on a grassy hill overlooking the valley. I go to that park whenever I'm sad or need to be alone. I think it's my happy place.

-I have a tab in my phone with the weather where my family + favorite missionaries serve and it makes me feel just a little closer to them in a way.

1. Christchurch, New Zealand. Where my Nan and Gramps live. 
2. Melbourne, Australia. Where my Auntie + Cousins live. 
3. Cali, Columbia. Where my dearest Elder Jake Welch is currently serving. 
4. Bentonville, Arkansas. Where Elder Spencer Merryweather is serving the rest of his mission. He comes home in 27 days(!). It's actually true when they say that two years just flies by.
5. Tokyo, Japan. My bffffffle Elder Zach Tolen. 
6. Lima, Peru. Where Elder Tyler Edwards, my favorite and best filming colleague. we have won many awards together. we are the dream team. I used to have my weekly Tyler vines. 

- At the start of the summer Matt Taylor (my ex-boyfriends younger brother whom I am still very close with and love) went to bootcamp in San Diego (pronounced Ron Burgundy Style) for the Marines. He just got back the other week. He visited the high school and popped into one of Kate's classes and he mentioned to Kate that he'd love to stop by and visit me soon because I was a big support about joining the Marines and it meant a lot to him. Just hearing that made me cry little tears and love and pride for my proxy little brother. 

-Kate and Jane turned 18 and Kate finally got her drivers license. It's amazing you have no idea. Also while I was at the DMV with her we both registered to vote which I somehow neglected to do when I turned 18 and so now I feel just one step closer to functioning adulthood. 

-side note to the side notes: oh my goodness the people who are just getting out of ComicCon are boarding the train. I don't know if I want to aggressively avoid eye contact or invite some to sit with me. 

-I am currently taking a train home from my cousin Rachel's house because I did her hair and makeup for her Homecoming. she looks flawless I know thank you. 

(makeup before brows + lips were done)

I'm so glad she's going. She's a Junior and this is her first school dance. She has been brutally bullied this year and last. A few weeks ago some hoodrats fake asked her to homecoming as a joke. that's just sick. I'm so glad she got asked for real a few days later. 

-additional side note: now the girls just getting out of the Womens session of Conference are boarding the train. they are all beaming and in their Sunday dresses. the church is awesome. 

It's a Saturday night and I wish you a pleasant Sabbath and a stellar next week. On me. Be good. 


Haley Madison said...

I LOVE YOU. We need to hang out.

Olivia Petty said...

clearly yes all the time. I'm free most afternoons after my sisters get home from school. HIT ME UP PLS.