May 14, 2015

screw the stars

make a wish upon a star? more like make a wish upon a me. because I'm a grown ass adult and I do what I want. screw the stars. I have a cripple and a kick ass attitude and I'm going to the happiest place on earth; and I'm not talking about waffle love (we'll still probably get waffles on the way tho).

Talia and I strike again. Only instead of going to prom we're going to Disneyland.

She and I have been through a hell of a year trying and striving to find our misplaced health in the adult world after high school. this, unsurprisingly, has not gone according to plan. I don't think the first year post-graduation ever goes exactly as you expect it, but for a handful of my friends, including Talia and I, this is especially true.

Thus we feel extremely deservant of this impromptu trip. Talia has found this year that her leg has totally gone awol and no longer wants to function properly. This has caused a lot of physical and mental pain and heartache during her year up in USU. 
so when she came home to sit out for a while, we decided to make a positive out of a huge negative. because of her broken person status we're going to be able to skip all da lines. and if it weren't for that we probably wouldn't be going tbh. 

I'm actually really hopeful about this trip. I feel that it's going to hit that sweet spot of eustress where I regain almost full functionality without feeling overwhelmed. and given that this is a vacation dedicated to fun and we don't have to do anything, I really think this should be a smashing success. 
I'm being careful to avoid "christmas syndrome" where the stress and expectations to make everything perfect and fun ruin everything completely.

so in four days we are heading out in my '02 accord to CA. 

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