April 21, 2015

6503 days

the day before Jonny died was Easter Sunday. Somehow we started talking about how many days we'd been alive. because we thought it was funny that we measure age in years but never bring up the days. so I looked up how many days old we were.
I was 6742 days old, he was 6502. 
he died when he was 6503 days old. 

a year ago today Jonny took his life, I wrote about it. Instead of feeling sorrow on this the anniversary of the day we lost him, I like to dwell on the memories I shared with him. 

this was the day after his 16th birthday, july 2nd. Emilee was visiting and my grandpa always wanted to set up an arranged marriage for Jonny and Emilee (coincidentally, Emilee is now engaged). So he suggested we go on a double date, bowling like we always used to. I asked McClain to join us (coincidentally, McClain is getting married today). We had a lot of fun in the most ghetto bowling alley on earth where they sold socks in vending machines. we made up our own skittle bowling game and we were off. Jonny creamed all of us. It was his first date. 

Once Jonny bought a ukulele, and for some stupid reason I thought I could teach him a few things about how to play. He was a musical genius prodigy child and after a week he was better than me. We still would play together sometimes though, our favorite song to play and sing was I'll follow you into the dark.

I posted this about a week after he died on my Instagram, with the caption:
"thinking of Jonny today. That's a semi colon above his name. A semi colon is representative for where the author could have ended the sentence, but kept writing. You're the author and the sentence is your life. Don't end it, because your story isn't over yet." 

I love you, Jonny. I miss you.

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