November 14, 2014

the only thing better than hairspray

I dunno if you may follow me on any other medium of social media, but if you do perhaps you've seen my latest instagram post.

see? I told you I was redesigning. I'm just taking my sweet time. The reason it's taking longer than usual is because I decided I wanted to get for real art especially for my blog just like the pros. I feel like I'm not a junior high blogger who rips copyrighted etsy art off pinterest. I just decided I wanna join the big leagues. 

so I hired my babe, the dangerously talented Hannah Waters, to do custom artwork for the blog. up there is a sneak peek of some rough drafts and our progress. 

I'm drawing my inspiration largely from Alexa Zurcher's blog ( and of course my go to beauty blog I also have some images that I found on Pinterest that I'm super into:
as you can see some of it is really really familiar, In fact I'm a little reluctant to post those pictures because I'm sure our final product will be dangerously similair. but again, at least it will be the real deal, rather than me just snagging these. 

who is excited? I'm excited. 

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