October 06, 2014

job hunting = job jumping

I hate getting new jobs, because I hate being the incompetent newbie that doesn't know how to function. 
I don't like not being able to take initiative and know what needs to be done and do it, not being the person that people ask for help bc I'm such a pro. That's what I loved/miss about Kangaroo Zoo. Along with Brandon, I was the longest running employee and I knew all the things. It was awesome. 

I left KZ in April, and I got hired onto Vivint. I really wanted to stay there at the Zoo because it was the best job I've ever had. I loved it and it was awesome and wow. But I needed a full time job that payed more than minimum wage because I am an adult now and needs the pesos to go on my mission. 
My position at Vivint was seasonal, 
I was in the Data Entry/Account Creation department, so when the season ended I decided to take the out rather than transfer elsewhere in the company to take a break and stay unemployed and be that high school graduate bum that isn't going to school and doesn't have a job. I got to live my dream of not having to do anything but watch Netflix and nap for however long I damn well pleased. I mean it was the bomb, but you know sometimes it was a boring bummer, but most of the time it was the best thing ever and I loved it and yes. 

I applied for a few jobs (mostly in the essential oil business area) and I interviewed with a couple, but now I am joining the family trade and working at Young Living Essential Oils in the Customer Care Department as a Member Services Representative (another call center). 
I know, I know, following in my daddy's footsteps. but not really I wish. I sit here in training and all I want to do is go upstairs to my dads studio and sit on his couch and eat oranges and work in Adobe and what not with him.

I feel like I'm that arrogant priss whose daddy works upstairs and already knows everything. but the problem is is that is totally how I feel. being here in training feels like repeating a grade. like when they are talking about company history and products and the farms, I'm like ppl I grew up here, will you actually train me on what I actually need to know so that I can function properly at my job and start getting paid my $12 an hour?
and also, that pay sounds great, right? it totally is. I'm making more than I ever have at any other jobs, and more than almost all of my friends. I was proud of it too, until I was talking with a new hire who is going to be working on the spanish speaking line and she was complaining how the company she is transferring from is reducing her rate by 40 cents. yeah. making it only $12.20 an hour. I want to cry I want to be rolling in the Benjamin's. (update: she called someone and demanded they pay her the $13 an hour. go Gaby.)

So here I am folks, having big kid jobs with big kid pay rates. Also, Young Living is hiring in the masses for their call center right now, the company has grown 170% over the last year, so the average hold time on the customer service line is about 3 hours. it's kind of a big deal.
So if you are 18 or older and looking for a full or part time job, applying for YL is almost a guaranteed hit. 
Training is 4 weeks, pay during training is $11.50, but after training it goes to $12 an hour. $13 if you are a spanish speaker holla.

You can apply here, online rn. (just type in member service representative in the search field under 'current openings) If you do be sure to put me, Olivia Petty, as the employee referral.
The position is in Lehi, by the way, if you are nearby or willing to make that commute.
get on that!

a little heads up though, the training can feel like this sometimes:
so I have a new job. and the training process is super fun, involved, and exciting! 😒😩

another day another dollar

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