October 30, 2014

it may be years until the day my dreams will match up with my pay

so the new job is going fan-tastic. really, no sarcasm. It's going great. My regular shift schedule is 6am-2:30pm, my days off are Thursday's and Sunday's. And even though those hours sound rough, it's actually awesome. I hated working 4pm-10pm at my last job. It was awful. It's like having 1 o'clock church where you sleep in but then when you wake up you just sit around waiting to go. like you can't do anything because you know you'll just have to leave soon. 

and now that the November daylight savings is upon us, getting off at 2:30 guarantees that it will be light outside. Plus getting 8 hours out of the way that early makes it feel like I still have the whole day to do whatever I want. And whatever I want is to watch Scandal bc I caught up with Grey's and I need more Shonda in my life.

The downside is obvious, however. It's almost impossible to wake up. It's got to the point where my dad has to come into my room 60-30 minutes before I wake up and give me [undisclosed prescribed controlled substance that is a stimulant if you know what I mean] and caffeine so that when it's time for me to wake up I can actually do it. I used to have 10 alarms but I just turned them off in my sleep. My dad says without the caffeine it's almost impossible to wake me up. I'm a zombie. 

and as hard as it is to wake me up, it's that hard for me to go to sleep. I've had wicked insomnia that is ruthless. meaning I've been getting less than 6 hours of sleep at night and I have to wake up at 4:30 so we are definitely getting on that and adjusting some meds bc that is not normal or good and it sucks. 

in other bad news, I've been breaking out so bad. Like how did I not get a single zit all through high school and now that I'm 19 I have a pizza face? Like well played Mother Nature, like you weren't being mean enough. It's probably my awful diet and lack of exercise, and I'm thinking of making a real effort to improve because if it helps me sleep at night and clear up my face this might be worth it. 

Other than that, I guess things are pretty peachy. Pomegranates are in season, which is the best news of them all. 

don't just have a good day, have a pomegranate-y day.  

(birthday post coming up next)

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