August 09, 2014

north carolina

I jumped on a plane and flew out to see my baby Emilee in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was a surprise, so imagine how hard it was for me not to post anything online anywhere or tell anyone. 
I'm surprised it was a surprise. I fully expected that she would find out last minute some how and the cat would be out of the bag. but man, she had no idea. It was so worth it. 

I pulled into her driveway at 11 o'clock at night and got out of the car. Her boyfriend Bryant was just barely dropping her off from a date and I totally upstaged him. 
She was jumping, squealing, crying, laughing, hugging. It was so worth it. I've been wanting to just fly out and surprise her for 3 years. And I was finally able to due to my parents generous graduation present and the Keele family's gracious willingness to let me invade their home and feed me for 2 weeks. 

My trip was pretty much exactly as I expected and wanted it to go. We slept in everyday, colored, painted, played with bubbles, watched Grey's. We even went to the pet shop and I swear up and down I almost brought a rabbit home with me. My will is rendered powerless when I get hopped up on bunny love. (psych reference.) also we went to the thrift shop and bought matching keychains and tried on funky glasses. 

And I went to a real beach for the first time ever (kind of. but being three years old on the california coast doesn't count.)

Kure Beach on the east coast babe. It brought out a giggling squealing child out of me. I was so enchanted. Everything was so cinematic it was almost unreal! I stepped into a hundred movies at once and it was like I was at Disneyland. 

When I ran into the water and was lapped by the waves on the shore, I realized the ocean is filled with salt water. IT IS ACTUAL SALT WATER AND IT ACTUALLY IS REALLY SALTY I DO NOT THINK YOU UNDERSTAND. and also the tide. and also the pier. it was so cool. 
like it was magicalllll.

and here's some fun facts about the south (or at least as 'south' as North Carolina is.):
-they have hush puppies and they are the shiz. it's like deep fried battered bread. so like the size of mozzerala sticks and taste like corn dogs but without the dog.
-when it rains, it pours. like no that's not a cute saying it's a literal thing that has happened. it happens. like okay utahns think our weather be cray, but no. The rain is a torrential downpour. I got a flood warning on my phone and everyone else was like yeah so. you would be pelted by huge merciless rain drops so bad you would become soaked walking from the car into the building. 

and also I spent a lot of time with Emilee's dog, Carita. gurl be cray. like she wanted to stick her tongue in your mouth all the days like dang. 

also pretty much right when I got home I missed Emilee. like when can I go back?

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