July 16, 2014

10 new found beliefs

1. I believe in kneaders dinner rolls. they are the closest to satisfying my grandma roll craving in between holidays. 

2. I believe that supersonic car wash is the chick-fil-a of car washes. They might as well start saying my pleasure. wow. 

3. I believe that setting three alarms to make sure I get to work on time are not working for me. 4 alarms maybe?

4. I believe I need a good kick in the pants to get me going so I can finally finish my mission papers. 

5. I believe that it is a miracle I survived my mini vacation in bear lake this weekend. I scaled the inside of an ice cave in sandals. why am I alive. 

6. I believe listening to albums all the way through in order in one go is healthy. it's essential to getting the whole picture. 

7. I believe I've been so out of it this last week. I'm walking around like a mindless zombie in a dazed fog. 

8. I believe I need to switch facial products or something. my face is breaking and greasing out. help?

9. I believe in Bluetooth. who knew that crap was so cool? well I got a new stereo and now I know it's cool. 

10. I believe that I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy. let's start a support group. I'm on season 6 episode 17. You?

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