June 06, 2014


I have pieces of paper that make me an official bonafide person.
pieces of paper are of the utmost important.
because of course I spent 13 years in the public education system working for a piece of paper.
I got that piece of paper last Friday. and I've never been so excited about a piece of paper with my name on it. and there are a lot of pretty cool pieces of paper with my name on it:

  • my birth certificate
  • my social security paper card
  • my passport
  • my drivers license
  • letters from a missionary I fancy a lot
and most importantly (until I don't know, my marriage certificate or death certificate lol.)
  • my high school diploma

so I guess that piece of paper makes my adulthood official.
I am officially a part of the 'real world'.
teachers my whole schooling career kept telling me, "when you get out in the real world..."
and I would always say something like, "where have I been living the past 18 years then?"
because even though I'm an official adult I'm still sassy af.

I know I haven't kept you in the loop with my job situation, and I'll update you soon with a fond farewell to Kangaroo Zoo and a warm hello to the brand new.

and hey, maybe if you're lucky, I'll tell you guys more about the missionary that wrote me those oh so important letters. (he doesn't know I'm in love with him, so it's not like I fold his letters into origami promise rings or anything.)
also if maybe double jeopardy lucky, I'll also tell you about the superhumancute co-worker that I am trying to flirt with. keyword, trying. major keyword here is trying.

stay beautiful.

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