March 13, 2014

the primadonna life; the rise and fall

(I've been obsessed with Marina and The Diamonds recently. Have a listen! The title of this post is a lyric from the song 'Primadonna')

the last two months or so have been beyond the point of bizzare. there's so many not happy things that have happened, albeit exciting. A lot has to do with our cars and accidents and so on. Yeah I even got arrested. but you've probably already heard about that.*

my 1991 geo prizm is no more. simply put, it was in a nasty accident where no one was injured, I was not driving the car, and that's all those involved want to be disclosed. (:
here's my own throw back Thursday, (even though today is Friday) to the day I got my drivers license with my little blue car, and then this week when I said goodbye to my sweet car one last time. 

anyway. I'm fine and everyone is fine so that is good. We're looking for a new car for me and I have a little passat that I've got my eye on. 

Currently I am taking a 2-3 month hiatus from my job at Kangaroo Zoo to get back on track for graduation. The good news about that is that I am attending school regularly and going full weeks now!
(before February I was averaging 1-2 class periods a week.)

So cheers and grape sodas all around for that bold and exciting step in my recovery! Other than that, my life is kind of a mixed bag right now. Which is great. It's better than I've been in months but I still have low days and dealing with the tedium of day to day living. 

My biggest obstacle right now is that now that I'm starting to regain my social stamina, I've been looking for friends to hang out with. A lot of my friends have had to adjust to my absense so I understand that it's hard for them to try to fit me back in. It's hard to know that you have friends out there who love and care about you, but have a hard time making time for you. I've been really lonely and constantly trying to find people to hang out with but it almost always falls through. It makes me feel lonely and sad. 

So if you want a new friend consider me a candidate. I love cats, Netflix, froyo and cupcake runs, going to the mall, movies, I'm down most of the time. so hit me up. 

I guess this is my update. nice to keep in touch with you. (:

(me on my 'last day' of work with my dear friend and manager, Nathan, who is about to embark on his mission!)

*(If you haven't heard about my arrest, I got a ticket in December that I forgot about for months, so when I was pulled over for a break light being out I got arrested. It really was no big deal and quite a humorous and exciting experience.)

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