March 25, 2014

so prom

there's this senior prom that's happening and it's mine. whoops that's coming up fast. and considering I haven't been on a date since November... yeah my odds are looking great. 

I wrote this for the public. posted on my twitter and everything. it's mainstream. And it actually got some attention, like 3 retweets and 15 favorites. (this is a big deal for me, I average like 3 favorites a tweet and 1 retweet if I'm lucky.) but yes, only 3 out of those 15 favorites were boys. 
So I'm assuming most of the favorites are girls just going "I feel you girl. me too. me too. PREACH!" 
but here it is. and it's 100% percent still true. 

that last one, h though, that's only if I go with someone who is cute and not a good friend of mine. I love going to dances with friends, it's a blast. so no, sorry folks, I will not kiss a friend. 

and g, it's true. it's true. let's have a look at the evidence, shall we?


(yeah, I cropped the ex out because 1 let's look at my face and 2 it's actually really hard to crop this photo into a square without cutting one of our heads because he was a lot taller than me while I was sitting on the chair, so.)


and yes, last year with my dearest max ferrin. oh. dearest as in we have a love hate friendship in which we tease and flip each other off a lot, not that we were ever dating or romantically involved. 


to be continued. 

(ps: the car search is still on so if you know someone who is dealing (snicker) let me know. pls. also today is international waffle day so that is a big deal. also a year ago today I was hired at chick-fil-a so that's a deal. but not a big one. ciao chickens!)

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