March 17, 2014

shopping and chick flicks

one if my newfound favorite hobbies include online shopping. It's absolutely 100% true when they say it's like giving a gift to yourself. 
because you order it, get really excited and want it pretty badly, but then you move on with your life and sort of forget about it. 
BUT THEN. A package arrives! And it's like the excitement of finding and buying it happens all over again. It's great. If you have the means, I highly reccomend picking the hobby up.

Today's shopping escapades resulted in this:
           pants from nike; found here                      leggings from sheinside; found here
       tee from thug life shirts; found here           phone case set from tech candy; found here

SUPER EXCITED.  I shall report the satisfaction, or other emotions, when the goods arrive. 

Other findings I have to report is a recent Netflix find that Mary reccomended to me. Like Crazy. Fun fact: it has the lovely Jennifer Lawrence in it. it's a pretty indie low budget film, Sundance alumni, and super well written. 

It's slow paced, quiet and unconventional, but it's one of the most realistic representations of relationships and people altogether. the official IMDB synopsis is: 
"A British college student falls for an American student, only to be separated from him when she's banned from the U.S. after overstaying her visa. Like Crazy (2011)"

(it is pg-13 and it is appropriate. the worst it gets is included the trailer.)

As Mary aptly puts it, "Throughout the whole movie it's a beautifully and meticulously crafted piece of cinema that perfectly captures human nature and truly emulates real relationships and then it just ends, it's over and it's sad and I hate it. But up until that point it is the most exquisitely crafted imitation of human life."

so chaps, I reccomend this piece. Don't watch it when you're tired or distracted though, because it's not one that will reclaim it back very easily. for best results, pay adequate attention for the duration of the film. (: A FINAL WARNING: the ending is abrupt and, much like real life, doesn't have a lot of resolution. so if you emotionally invest yourself in films like I do, BRACE YOURSELF. 

that's the update. oh and ps. the cute little passat that I fell in love with was sold before I could get to it. uh-oh spaghettios. but I now have found a bright blue (think the blueberry from psych) 2000 new vw beetle. so, fingers crossed. happy Monday, chickadees!

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