March 21, 2014

make dirt your hero

In Helaman 12:7-13 we read about God asking a mountain of dirt to move and it moves. With 100% obedience, right away, and without question. Dirt is obedient to God and if we can make that our goal, make dirt our hero, we can become obedient. Quick to act, taking heed and following the Lord's word diligently, we can have spiritual truths made known unto us. 

In "Becoming A Missionary" Elder David A. Bednar says that we must "pay to receive spiritual knowledge". You can compare that to higher education, because as we pay tuition and other costs of schooling we are paying that in order to gain knowledge. The cost that we pay to gain insight and have spiritual truths made unto us is that we must study the scriptures, pray, and fast. If we do these three things with diligence, we may receive the Holy Ghost and teach with power. 

“You can increase in your desire to serve God (see D&C 4:3), and you can begin to think as missionaries think, to read what missionaries read, to pray as missionaries pray, and to feel what missionaries feel. You can avoid the worldly influences that cause the Holy Ghost to withdraw, and you can grow in confidence in recognizing and responding to spiritual promptings. Line upon line and precept upon precept, here a little and there a little, you can gradually become the missionary you hope to be and the missionary the Savior expects."

“The preparation I am describing is not oriented only toward your missionary service as a 19- or 20- or 21-year-old. … You are preparing for a lifetime of missionary work. … We are missionaries always” (“Becoming a Missionary,” 46). (Lesson 81: Alma 17)

I have been studying the Book of Mormon this year in seminary and right now we are studying and learning in the book of Alma. The book of Alma can be intimidating, as it is the largest book in the Book of Mormon. But it is filled with truth and inspiration. I have no ulterior motive of posting these insights and teachings on my blog today, I only want to share. I want to share this because it brings me happiness and peace. I hope that maybe it can do the same for you. I really love this Gospel and it's teachings. 

I am preparing to serve a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As of today, I have 44 days left until I can start my paperwork to enlist in the Lord's missionary force. I've been excited to serve for years and I'm so excited that the time to prepare is coming. You can prepare at any time in your life to be a missionary, like Elder Bednar said, "You are preparing for a lifetime of missionary work, we are always missionaries."

I just wanted to share this thought with you before our weekend starts. I'm very excited for this well deserved weekend as third term ends today. Monday marks the beginning of the last term of my high school career. I thought I would be more sentimental at this point, but I am simply bursting at the seams to graduate. 

Have a lovely weekend, and think about making dirt your hero. 

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