January 01, 2014

cover story

I was going to have the worst new years, but then an act of kindness turned it around. here it is.

First of all, I was working on New Years Eve which is pretty bad. What is worse is that it wasn't even my shift. My sister carted it off to me last minute so she could go party at my cousins.
I was beyond p'oed and completely grumpy. I work at a kids play place, so we are supposed to have a smile plastered to our face at all times. I did not smile. I mean I made an effort not to scowl at everyone, but that was the closest I got. so basically, I was in the pits.

I started vacuuming, which is my least favorite thing to do at closing, our dumb vacuum is huge and hurts your back and you feel like you're not even sucking up anything. and it's so time consuming and tedious.

(bear with me, it gets less whiny from here) I was vacuuming around the corner of our trickiest inflatables and the vacuum cord got tangled in a knot, again, meaning I'd have to take the vacuum of my back and go over there to untangle it. When low and behold, a father standing by attending his child on the inflatable, saw my cord tangled and went over and untied it.

it was like the grey rain cloud over my head parted and the sun descended upon my psyche. I actually smiled, and thanked him eagerly. I was actually touched by the fact that he noticed that I was struggling and took the initiative to help, even in the smallest way. So many parents that see me vacuuming don't really know what to do, so they ignore me. I don't blame them, I probably would too, but when my vacuum cord gets stuck on a chair right by them and they notice but don't know if they should do something, that's what's not so nice.

the point is it completely turned my attitude and the rest of my shift around. I was so bent over and angry I had already decided that I was going to have a terrible new year because I was in a terrible mood. but this small act of kindness completely changed my perspective.

Yes, I know this is one of those cheesy feel good stories that are so gooey that they are the cover story for the New Era or the Friend magazine. but still, when they actually happen to you its like deja vu in the best possible way. so try to brighten someone's day today.

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