December 14, 2013

good news everyone!

(title is a nerd reference to

back in blogger history, once upon a post, I posted part 1 of 6 in a vlog series of my trip to New York. you know. in June. 

the reason I only got one out there and not the other five is not because I forgot, bailed, or completely abandoned it, my editing software just exploded. that's the short version. 

the long version of the story goes as such: I'm a film student who embarrassingly has only been editing on iMovie for the last 5 years. I should have transitioned to Final Cut Pro three years ago, and then on to Adobe Premiere CS6 last year. most film students my age face the problem of not having access to this expensive editing software at home, limiting them to only editng on their school computers. 

However, that is not my problem. My father is a professional photographer and graphic designer. Thanks to him, I have always had access to the fanciest software available for me to use. any kid would kill for a sweet gig like that. but here I was, editing on iMovie 08 like a droopy eyed armless child. 

I just got so good at iMovie that I didn't want to transition. and since I didn't transition when I should have, everyone learned how to use Final Cut and Adobe without me. Then I was in the awkward situation of being the one kid still using free editing software, but if I were to transition now so late in the game, I would be way behind everyone. 

so naturally instead of sucking it up and just transitioning late when I realized the situation I was in, I just quietly kept using iMovie. 

flash forward:
on the laptop that I have been editing most of my movies lately, iMovie mysteriously vanished. literally after I exported my first New York video, the application erased itself from the hard drive and refused to come back. I went to all the question forums, downloaded all the recovery files, but it seems that it was just iMovies time to go. 

As you imagine, this finally gave me the push I needed to start using Adobe Premiere. but not right away. true to my nature, I just avoided making any videos until I really needed to. 

so my film projects piled up real high.
and finally, on a cold day in December, I got the courage to venture into the great unknown. and I made a video. 

I am editing again! More videos are on the way and you will be seeing a lot more from me. It may be a little rocky at first while I'm still learning everything all over, but soon after that it will be better than it ever was before. 

Get ready for the other 5 webisodes of the New York series and much much more. if I forget to post them here, I always keep updated. happy Friday hens!

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Nicole Tucker said...

hats off to you. I feel you, being brave and determined enough to learn new software is TOUGH. good luck :)