November 19, 2013

a social experiment

I am performing an experiment, if you will,  on this particular Tuesday in the late of November. I'm trying to post a link to my website (VIAPETTY.WEEBLY.COM) almost every where that I have a corner or a box to type into on the internet. I want to see which website wins. 

In 24 hours from now, or probably a lot sooner because this isn't a Tom Cruise action adventure, I will look at my website stats and see which of my social media sites has the dopest peeps that went and looked around at my website. 

Already seen it? I love you. 
but look at it again. 
click around, see if you can find all the hidden pages, look and see what you can find. If you want a super cool photoshoot of you and your boston terrier in the snow, hit up my site and look in the portrait photography section. 

If you want me to film your project, make over, Eagle Scout, or just a day in your life, I can film and edit that for you. Hit me up. look in the video event section. 

Get crazy up in there. I want to weebly servers to crash because all the rollerpants wearers are too overwhelming with their blinding awe and support. 

The moral of the story is. 
here is my website.
Go buck wild with it. 


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