October 27, 2013

soon dictionary

a dictionary to help guide you upon the unfortunate event that Olivia uses the word 'soon'

Soon when used as,
"I'll get ready soon." 
Definition: Olivia is still on the couch in her pjs scrolling through twitter trying to decide if she is actually going to leave the house today or not. If Olivia is required to shower in a situation where this sentence is used, she probably will not get ready. 

When used as,
"I'll be done soon."
If on an electronic device, this typically can mean 20-30 minutes. When getting ready and doing hair and makeup, it is more like 30-40 minutes. 

When used as,
"I'll be there soon." also known as
"I'm on my way."
It means that Olivia has not even got in her car yet, probably still isn't dressed, and maybe even forgot that she had to be somewhere until you reminded her. In a situation such as this, travel time varies, but it will probably take her 20-30 minutes to even get to her car. 

When used as,
"I'll be home soon!"
Typically used only pertaining to a response to her parents when asked when she will be home. This can range anywhere from 1-6 hours. This is one of the most dangerous and annoying cases of soon. 

and finally, when used as,
"I'll see you soon!"
This could be a sentiment of parting either on the phone or in person, and it usually means you might not even see Olivia for over a week. The shortest time span between contact after this phrase was two and a half hours. 

conclusion. Soon is a dangerous word in my mouth. If you hear me say it, refer back to this list and we shouldn't have a problem whenever I tell you, "I'll be there soon."