October 25, 2013

all the good things

I am in a rather awful rotten nasty mood today,
so I'm going to write about all the good things to combat it.
my favorite of which, is highlighting my recent achievement.

I made a video. I've been making lots of videos,
I just haven't updated you who wear rollerpants.
but I mean I just made this video. Today's the drop day and everything.
you'll notice a cute little extra at the end of this one,

Olivia Petty Productions?

I've been cheating on rollerpants. I made a new website.
blogger and I aren't breaking up or anything,
I think I can juggle both at the same time.
especially since blogger has now become my long lost love,
blogger was still the first. so. there.

But yes, I have finally officially founded my very own production company.
I needed a name and a logo to put at the end of my videos, but more importantly,
I'm almost 18. (birthday in 10 days, people.)
I have been building a portfolio since I was in fifth grade.
(that's not even an exaggeration. first video I made fifth grade, first photo shoot seventh grade.)
So I decided it was time to make a real nice and official portfolio for myself, college applications,
and most important, potential clients.

I want to start getting commissioned for my work, I've been too many shoots for free.
I should have started charging years ago, but here we are today.
so let me know what you think of the site. really.
I want constructive critisicm here. I think it's real pretty and I'm in love with my logo,
but I need more eyes to tell me if it's easy to navigate, pretty to look at,
and all the good things.

so have a look. her name is viapetty.weebly.com
I have literally poured hours into this site so it's kind of a big deal.
to me. right now.

well I'm going back to my lemon gatorade and video editing,
but hopefully I've left my nasty feeling behind.
have a rocking friday.

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