September 26, 2013

thursday apologies : mark two

here we are again. it's a thursday and I'm apologizing.
when will I learn to stop committing myself to blog posts?
here's a new promise:
I will blog when I can and want to.
ha. I like that promise.

news on my new york vlog, after publishing that first video,
my laptop imovie crashed and burned. permanent like.
so I know that I'm a film student and I should be using final cut
or adobe premiere by now but its still so intimidating.
so until I fix imovie or grow a pair and learn adobe,
the vlog is on the development shelf.
I was really excited about it too.

I've been having an unusually difficult week so I've been to school
maybe like, twice this week?
any way. one of my EFY besties posted this on our group wall,
and I really loved it. so I hope you do too.
have a bright and beautiful day!

post script : Parks and Rec season 6 premieres tonight! if knowing that
doesn't brighten your day I don't know what will. 
treat yourself to a waffle and watch it. you deserve it.

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Amanda Schroeder said...

I watched this the other day and cried cried cried. I think all women need to watch it until they believe it. LOVE this.