May 16, 2013

thursday apologies

I guess with the new wednesday tradition thursday apologies will be a new thing too.
sorry I skipped out yesterday guys, I has two jobs now. I bring home bacon.
but not literally. literally I bring home uniforms that desperately need to be washed.

olivia update: as of this past week I've been listening to Lana Del Rey like it's my third job.
she is always on repeat. I feel like everyone has an inner Lana. 

but really. how could you not love her? I once read that, 
"Lana Del Rey could pee in an alleyway and still be classy as hell."
and I realized, it's probably true.

my favorite right now is this.
and naturally because I feel it applies to me.
so rock out.


Amanda Schroeder said...

I LOVE lana del rey. idk how you can't lvoe her either. she's just perfect. also, ummm I LOVE following you on twitter. you freakin crack me up. haha!


emilee said...

hell? classy? i mean, okay.

aubrey j. said...

love your blog, so much.