April 26, 2013

dear choir kids,

why don't you stay in Disneyland. sincerely, I hate most of you.

well. that was unnecessarily rude of me.
but really. that whole week they were gone I was so conflicted because I didn't know if I missed my friends more than I was enjoying the absence of those I hate.

but now that the week is over I just realize how much I wish I was in Disneyland. the whole time they were gone and blowing up my social media feed with pictures and posts all I could think of was :
I want to kiss Peter Pan on the cheek and post it on instagram.
I want to take a picture of my picture on the splash mountain screen because
I am too cheap to buy my own.
I want to buy a churro the price of a small puppy.

I'm coming for you in August, baby.


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