March 31, 2013

back like a heart attack

as my life has been changing wildly in the last few months I realize more and more that I miss blogging. I miss writing out and organizing my thoughts and other tid-bits. I miss having friends that read my blog and comment both online and in person. I miss it all.

so here I am again. you can mark it. as attempt number 4 or 5 trying to make a blogging come back. but  as I've been gone I still haven't turned my back on rollerpants.

I have kept notes on my phone with post ideas and new traditions I want to start up. so here we go. a fresh start with an old friend. look for me on the blogosphere.

look forward to giveaways, (once I get blood flow going again)
sponsors, specialty posts for the weekdays, that sort of thing.
so hello again, friend of a friend.
let's get this back again.

1 comment:

Amanda Schroeder said...

Pretty picture! I'm excited to read more about your life. Because you seem lovely :)