October 15, 2012

and here's this

season three. season three. season three.
this post contains spoilers.
read on if you've seen the season premiere,
or you don't ever intend to watch the show.

first off. carl is growing a mullet. ew.
he only had two lines in this episode and already my hatred has returned.
hershel has a beard? for a second there I thought he was dale.
maggie and glen are cute I guess. but maggie is usually an emotional cow.
why is rick being such a jerk to lori? she hasn't been a beyotch yet.
andrea = idiot with a smoker voice. what happened?!
michonne = bamf. let's put her in charge.

with all the characters though,
they got a pretty tight routine going on now.
they know what they're doing.
I'd like to go to rick's winter training camp.
because everyone is pretty bad-a now.
(except carl. carl can walk into a bullet)

I'm glad they found the prison and all, considering it's actually a really great place to seek refuge during a zombie apocalypse when you think about it, but when they are walking around in the dark with those flashlights it really sketches me out because it reminds me of the bathroom in slender.

I never even thought of the possibility that lori could have a zombaby. 
but really, they are all carrying the contagion and if that baby dies inside of her, holy carp.

oh and also.
hershel is a goner.
even though rick grabbed the axe just in time,
there is no way that's not going to get infected and kill him.
and where are we going to find a spare prosthetic leg lying around?
I don't think we could even find him a peg leg if we wanted to.

plus. I have never seen that much bright red blood on this show.
all of it is usually brown and black because it's belonging to a corpse.
mildly disturbing.

even more disturbing? when rick took that walkers helmet off and it's face came with it.
this concludes my thoughts on the season premiere.
how many of my followers are walking dead watchers?
I'd like to know.
and welcome back
to the ricktatorship.


Christi Lynn said...

oh i love the walking dead!!

megan danielle said...

ah! i love walking dead! and i have to agree that you hit the nail on the head with every thing here. carl needs to die and the whole walkers-face-coming-off-with-the-helmet-deal? yeah, sick.