July 31, 2012

fulfilling the prophecy

if you have ever seen the nauvoo pageant,
especially if you've been in it, you are very familiar
with the opening whistle tune by parley p. pratt.
followed by the dialogue,

"hello!...ahaha, I said HELLO! There you are. Parley P. Pratt here.
You know, we've been watching you all day. Tasting ginger snaps at scovil's,
making bricks just yonder, and how many of you are wearing these fine fancy prairie diamonds?
ah! good for you!"

I heard this many a time. and as we did my father remarked,
"we must fulfill the prophecy."
and so we did.

more words,
pictures, memories,
and music of nauvoo
to appear on the blog.

I miss it so much.
I was listening to the soundtrack of the pageant while writing this,
and kate and I just had to dance and sing along.

nauvoo is the best thing that's ever happened.

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