July 08, 2012

10 sure-fire ways

I realized after I made this a more appropriate way to say this is,
"10...to tick off a winger's hostess" my bad.

1. avoid all eye contact. clearly since hostesses are working class, they
are lower than you and you cannot risk catching the disease that is in their stare.
2. cut off my greeting sentence before I finish. "Here is that table
for you, your servers name is Ash-" "Thank you." "...-li and she'll be with you in a
moment..." might I add that this happens often with those that make no eye contact.
3. after I seat you in the proper section, tell me you want to sit at a booth where you can see the t.v. two sections down. are you even aware of how often and how much you screw me over when you do this? If you want to watch the game, watch it at home. Sit where I tell you to.
4. refuse to sit at a table. somebody has to sit there, bro.
5. walk in while I am cleaning the bathroom. if you really want to
ruin my day, make sure to use the urinal while I am in the stall cleaning the toilet.
6. ask me where your friends are sitting. because I know exactly
who you are talking about.
7. pay for your entire to-go order with a coupon. classy. let's
go bother my manager so I can get this monster through the computer.
8. call in an order at 10:59. you do realize I now have to wait 20 minutes
after closing now, right?
9. if you are a manager, yell at me for something I didn't do and then throw away my food. these were two different occasions with two different managers, if that happened all in the same night, I'd have quit long ago.
10. swear repeatedly in front of me. you know who you are. stop it.
it's not cool nor classy and it hurts my soul.

I hate my job.
can you tell?


Christine said...

Ha ha...love the list. We are booth people so you would get bugged at us too :) I could make my own list working at a movie theater...way long ago. Bad job experiences build character! Hee hee hee. Good luck.

jessie said...

does is bug you when people ask for free peach lemonade? because i might do it. i love that stuff.

sorry about your job. sounds like a bummer.

Unknown said...

It's true.... someday you'll look at this "crappy" job and think of it fondly. Memories are weird like that. Who knows... maybe someday I'll even look back and say I loved teaching jr high punks :)