May 03, 2012

three videos you need to watch today

aside from that one suggestive move, I want to learn to dance like these guys.
like with my whole heart. look for me dancing like this at prom.

(I'm sinceriously sorry the formatting is being dumb.)
calming down a bit from the last, russ showed us this in class.
has anyone else been digging the cinematic orchestra lately?

and lastly calming it all down is this superb piece. Lone Peak made this and I love it a lot. it's like something I'd make if I had the resources. plus I love this youth lagoon song a lot a lot.

1 comment:

emilee said...

So. I was going to sit here and watch all three videos on one sitting. Out of pride.
I got through one. & then my brain started exploding.
(the dude in the third almost looks like a pedo pita from a certain angle. that was cool.)