May 07, 2012

may 6th, 2012 ; the day everything changed

I'm so entirely thrilled and giddy.
but it's mixed in with curiosity and anxiety.
everything is going to change now
but for the first time, for the better.
It's uphill from here.

I never thought much about the day it would happen
I just always assumed it would.
I would imagine my wedding and not everyday life.
this is something entirely new. and I'm thrilled.

I also know it's going to be gradual.
nothing is going to happen all at once.
but once that graph starts going up,
it's not going to come down again.

spirituality has been flying over here at my house.
our prayers, and many others, are finally being answered.
it's the Lord, blessing us. and it feels so filling.

my mom has been real sick for a real long time.
about twelve to fifteen years.
she hasn't been able to do a whole lot that she's wanted
but finally, after so much suffering,

everything is changing.
and things are getting better.

1 comment:

emilee said...

You have absolutely no idea how overjoyed I am to hear that!
Your mother is the strongest person I know.