May 14, 2012


this is inspired from miss meg.
she always talks about china glaze and all it's glory,
so I swung by sally's a purchased this one today.

life preserver. I have not put it on yet, but
I am very eager.

secondarily, google.
this is the list of ten things that
are in my ipod google history.
kind of fun. kind of quirky.
inspired by jessie.

tongue tied lyrics
trimming rabbit nails
pin all the things
aladdin palace
greek alphabet j
theory films
jack johnson better together
dominoes pizza
pleasant grove animal control
sub zero hours

also. I have a question.
you know how I make my
end of the year videos, yeah?

which song should I use?
if you care?
that'd be neat.

Pop Culture by Madeon on Grooveshark
(^this one is from that supercool video I posted.)
Tongue Tied by GROUPLOVE on Grooveshark

Midnight City by M83 on Grooveshark


jessie said...

pleasant grove animal control. haha! your google list is good. kind of surprising what you learn about yourself, no?

brooklyn rose said...

I'm likin' all three songs, but I have to say the first one. I love it. Or the last one. Either of the two.