May 15, 2012

I accomplished today

  • painted my nails (that's right, life preserver.)
  • was late to attendance school. (because I was painting my nails)
  • dissected pig fetus. almost killed me.
  • had russ draw my portrait
  • blew off fourth period to take my mom to the dermatologist. she was too tired to go in the ending.
  • arby's.
  • laundry (that's it for the month.) [I'm a teenage boy. I smell the shirt before I put it on.]
  • cleaned my room
  • sent out nauvoo papers! this was three weeks in the making. ready for Illinois. 
  • found my name tag after donna already gave me a new one...
  • found my temple recommend
  • went to the temple
  • attempted to hang out with a kid (he called me maybe.)
  • watched alfred hitchcock
  • read some doctrine and covenants.
      you know. it's tuesday.

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