May 17, 2012

how are you, olivia?

if someone were to ask me right now,
"hey, how are you?"
I'd say,
"hi! good, thanks. you?"

but if someone were to say,
"how are you really, olivia?"
I'd say,
"I am so wicked nervous for work tonight. I've got
the pre menstrual syndrome and I am running to-gos
and door all by myself. plus I have homework and
I would much rather sit at home with a baby bunny
on my lap with alfred hitchcock on the television.
I just need summer real bad and I gotta raise my
grades asap. you?"

1 comment:

Klix Photography said...

Oh My Gosh, I would say back...Really? Me Too! haha but not the job part, because...I don't have one...