April 07, 2012

I miss you

hey. I miss you.
I apologizing for ditching you like that.
I'll show you some neat pictures and videos if you promise we're still friends?
yeah? alrightie, here is my end of the stick :

remember when I was saying I was super excited to work on my new project,
and when I said I was super excited to show you my new video, and now
I'm saying I'm super excited for you to see it? I know it's late to the party,
but it's almost stacked up three hundred and fifty views,
and I am still over the moon about it.
total time it took to make : 14 hours

and something brand spanking new. this was yesterday in radio.
it's just what we do when we're patiently awaiting spring break.
just a quickie I whipped up.
total time it took to make : 26 minutes

goodness gracious I almost forgot something,
I got a job!
about time, right?

please come visit me. american fork.
that'd be grand.

the chadderton's are coming around this evening.
they are my foriegn cousin's from the NZ.
remember last year?

so yes. It's a little bit of an understatement that I am excited.
what's new with you?

1 comment:

jessie said...

one time i made a video in 9 minutes. wrote it, filmed it, edited it. that was a record.
i got to class and realized i had a video due that day so we whipped it out at light speed. and it wasn't that bad. ha.