March 03, 2012

for no good reason

I kind of fell off the face of the blogosphere. sorryboutthat.
but hey, here's what you missed.

1. radio is my very favorite class. megan and I are cute kids.
2. my mommy knew I had three tests yesterday, so I came home to this.
3. he knows me too well.
4. engrish with the zach.
5. went and saw the lorax last night to commemorate suess's birthday, super cute
6. fresh peeps beat stale peeps by far. far far.

and I'm working on a big project today
I'm really excited to show you guys(:
be prepared for a kick butt video.

1 comment:

Megan said...

my favorite laundry detergent? easily Purex Natural Elements.

and I would very much appreciate a shout out.

I do very much enjoy your blog.