February 14, 2012

dear haters of valentines day,

I take it that you are bitter or cynical of valentines day because you miss the point entirely. you can be made nautious by the lovey-dovey couples around you while you spend the day alone, but it's really not "single awareness day".

If you look around there is a lot of discontentment and hatred in the world, vile words & people, and so on.

valentines day is a day that's dedicated to see & recognize everyone and everything around you that you absolutely love in your life. Although this should be done more often than February the 14th, today is nice because it also comes with chocolate. 

It's a day when you go home and hug your family and say hey I love you.
When you can let your friends know how much you care about their friendship.
Sure it's a nice day if you have a significant other as well, it's not the entirety of the point.

Today is the day you let go and say
"this is what I love."


emilee said...

hear hear!

mardiiiii said...

loooooved this.

LisAway said...

Awesome, Liv. I agree. Unfortunately Valentine's Day is very new over here (just being adopted from America) and it is a very romantic relationship holiday. Only. I love the idea of it being about LOVE. Not just romantic love, but that too. I wish the haters would find something they love to focus on on February 14th.