February 06, 2012

7 hours

 at the provo mall on saturday.
sweethearts dress shopping.*
(sweethearts asking story post on your way!)
best day ever.

I'm a modest duckling, I promise

mary was there with us for an hour, but for the next six it was me,
madison, and kristine. we tried stuff on, ate greasy stuff,
bought sweet stuff, and saw the lady in black.

it's been a wildly successful weekend.
even though my family doesn't watch the superbowl,
we watch a movie with a ton of junk food instead.
super 8 instead of super bowl.
I enjoy having a foriegn father.
*(pardon the cliche in this post)


emilee said...

i like your bun. ;)

Mandi said...

Heyyy. Lovin' the sock bun:)
My favorite laundry detergent is Tide. ;) mandisolomon.blogspot.com

jessie said...

super 8 instead of super bowl. I LOVE THAT. ha.