January 12, 2012

when zombies walk

I don't know if you could tell by my tweets,
or my status on facebook, but I quit the moccasin challenge.
It was hard. dang hard. I may try again one day.
but for now, I am blessed.

if you saw a couple of zombies the other day,
it was us.

mock disaster was quite the experience.
I think I will be doing it again next semester.
and I finally got out of shelton's class.
we can sing praise to that.
semester ending. good classes starting.
things are looking pretty good from here.


Evan Kirby said...

i love mrs. shelton. it took a while, like a whole year, but i finally got to appreciate her. but her class was a killer so i'm glad you got out alive.

Jessica said...

Everything about this post makes me happy. The times that I did the mock disaster are still some of my favorite high school memories. And escaping from Shelton? Well, that IS my favorite high school memory.