January 15, 2012


my last post was my 400th by the way. this blog is quite grown up.
I love sunday. I love seminary. I love my ward.
and I love my cute grandparents serving the lord in nauvoo.

the seminary centennial broadcast is sunday, january 22nd at the conference center.
I have been in seminary for 2 of those 100 years and it is the biggest blessing.
If you live locally, ask your bishop for tickets, he'll hook you up.
imagine how cool this is. one hundred years of seminary.
you can tell your kids you listened to Boyd K. Packer at the centennial.
this isn't to be missed.

my darling sister katherine is getting her patriarchal blessing as I type.
I am so proud of her. it's going to help her tons for the rest of her life.
I love and read mine often.

yesterday my ward went to the temple. it was my darling sister jane's first time.
she's a miamaid. I don't know how this was her first time.
it was enchanting. now that I have my license I decided I am going to
aim to go early once a week on tuesdays with my sisters.
I can't imagine a better way to start a day and a week.

I have an announcement that I have been suppressing.
remember this, and this from last year?
well. I am happy to announce that this cute family right here :

got accepted to be set apart as 
missionaries and serve the lord
in nauvoo, illinois as a 
performing family in the blue cast.
we're still working details. (this is big stuff.)
but I am really excited to perform and share the gospel.

I am working on personal progress, trying to get my medallion,
and finishing integrity today. while I was doing so I remembered to
look up the revised for the strength of youth pamphlet online at
lds.org/youth . you guys should really have a gander.

"Our standards have not changed, 
but the times have changed."
- Elaine S. Dalton

it's fitted to address us and what we're going through.
the first presidency knows where it's at.
you should explore around the site too.
some really neat stuff.

I am really loving the gospel.
and I am eternally grateful to have it in my life.
and the ability to share how I feel about it
with you.


emilee said...

that family photo is absolutely adorable.
y'all are changing so much....stop it.

Rebekah said...

So very, very cool.

Nicole said...

hey olivia, so you may not know me but i think i ought to share with you my favorite laundry detergent ;) it's tide by the way. haha anyway you should check out my blog at www.mylanguageofthesoul.blogspot.com or www.nicoletuckerphotography.blogspot.com
thanks! p.s. i love your blog!

taryn and taylor said...

my week has been quite the same. really eye-opening. so grateful for the gospel in my life!

Makenna Lee said...

thanks for this post. it made my day.

LisAway said...

Great stuff. And about your family!?!?! What!?!?! When do you go and for how long!?!?! I guess that's probably part of the details that are being worked out. WOW!! That is so exciting. I can't wait to hear more.