January 05, 2012

my first kiss went a little like this

empty promise after empty promise and here it finally is.
I hope it was worth the wait. maybe.

may twenty fifth two thousand eleven.
the completely true honest account filled with hand holding, rollerblades,
black lights, glow sticks, and for some unknown reason, katy perry,
of how I got : my first kiss.

I was invited to go to classic skating with Evan
(he's the hero of this story)
and his family for the elementary school night.
we're both pro skaters just in case you didn't know.
we were trying to show each other up the entire evening.
various youth from his ward made appearance as well.

the first snowball rolls around.
he asks me to skate with him.
we are skating hand and hand when he leans over and whispers in my ear :
"would you be mad if I kissed you?"
I went stiff and laughed awkwardly and nervously and then replied with a quick,
"yes. I want my first kiss to be atop a ferris wheel."

we continue skating and he kept asking me questions about it.
and sometimes when you are a girl you imagine little cinematic conversations
in your head that will probably not take place. I had one that fit this situation.
and it was dumb.
"I have decided on two occasions when you can kiss me before I am sixteen."
"what are they?!"
"One is atop a ferris wheel."
"What is the second?"
"You have to figure it out."
the second condition? yeah. it was 'whenever he wanted to.'

he drove himself mad trying to guess the second. suggesting missed moments,
moments to come that were so cute that I hadn't even thought of, I kept shaking
my head no, starting to feel terrible that I was dragging him along on this thread.
when I finally told him the second occasion, he briefly threw his hands up and left
for a visit to the drinking fountain. to, which I didn't know at the time, consult with Brian,
a guy in his ward who had told him he had to kiss me tonight so he could see it.
Brian is like the older brother Evan never had.

when Evan returned, he took a spot next to me on the bench.
E.T. by our one and only Katy Perry comes on. it was the last song
of the evening. we were sitting in silence and the chorus blares over classic skating.

then I realized. then and there at that moment he was going to kiss me.
at that same moment, he put his hand behind my head
and swiftly pushed his lips to mine.
then he walked away.

I felt like a first grader. I saw his ward youth over at a table, who
apparently were waiting for him to kiss me. they were cheering.
I was laughing. my heart was fluttering and pounding all at once.
my head was a swim and I was euphoric. startled was the best word.

years of dreaming of my first kiss.
it was awkward, humorous, surprising, sweet.
it was mine.

Brian gave us high fives.
my first kiss was awkward.
and that's perfectly fine with me.

as far as my other kissing stories go,
I have kissed him atop a ferris wheel since then,
and at new years at midnight.
he gives nice kisses.


Taesha said...

That's adorable(:

megz said...

haha i remember when you told me. i was like

emilee said...

Oh my golly, girlie pie.
Well written. It warms my heart. (: