January 07, 2012

moccasin walk challenge

this is an automatic post to inform you of my whereabouts and what doings.
I have accepted upon myself a ridiculous challenge
in which I do all of the following for a week :

  • no cell phone - at all
  • no ipod or cds
  • no tv, movies, or video games
  • one set of clothes for the whole week
  • sleep on the floor with no pillow
  • no fast food
  • eat only one or two meals a day
  • no snacks
  • no superfluous purchases
  • no driving
  • no bathing (or only in cold water from a bucket)
  • wash clothes and dishes by hand
  • give money normally spent on food and entertainment as offering
  • give half your paycheck to humanitarian aid, perpetual education fund, etc.

I took on this challenge thursday january the fifth,
but did not begin until friday the sixth.
I have accepted this challenge due to an
inspiring seminary lesson from brother taggart,
and seeing as I am one of my class presidents, it seemed fit.
as you can see I could not possibly post it on thursday
because that was the day I posted my first kiss story. I couldn't snub it's air time.

fear not loyal readers and stalkers alike,
I have set aside a post or two to tie you over until
saturday the fourteenth when I may return to the world.
isn't automatic publishing the bomb?

wish me luck. I shall miss you.


emilee said...

that is amazing.
good luck! I believe. (:

Bailey said...

props girl.