January 02, 2012

if you want a chick flick in a song

Turning Page by Sleeping At Last on Grooveshark
this is it. it's from the breaking dawn album.
oh it kills me. post script : my first kiss story
goes up next time. stay tuned.

Source: brides.com via Olivia on Pinterest


CaLea said...

I have this playlist on the iPod that I'm obsessing over currently, and this song has definitely been a part of that playlist.

Try listening to some of these too:

Cripple Me- Elenowen

Down- Jason Walker

Don't Let them See you Cry- Manchester Orchestra

Safe and sound- Taylor Swift

A billion others. Just holler at me if you want some more suggestions.

taryn and taylor said...

LOVE that song! sleeping at last performed it live sooo well!