January 23, 2012

I feel like :

since I'm trying to be optimistic,
I won't elaborate on my weekend from not heaven.
complaining is not really on my agenda today.

I wrote this in third period :
i feel like :
watching the little mermaid & doodling sea ships.
being curled up in blankets & bean bags & soft pillows
in a movie room.
eating sammy's chicken tenders & fresh cut fries.
being in some soft sweats.
having fresh cookies.
soft pillows & dozing off
with a hand in mine
driving through a warm fall canyon
with soft piano music
and fuze drinks.
having my hair braided.
I feel like soft words, music, and places.
I love reading this list. and mix matching it.
any and all of this list is my perfection right now.


LisAway said...

Sounds like perfection to me, too!

brittney said...

i super like this. (: