December 31, 2011

two thousand eleven

*2011 eleven was the year I...
dyed my hair red for whatever reason

swallowed a goldfish live
turned sixteen
rocked cedar city again
invented lurp,  
had a(flour-sack)baby,

the year I received...
my permit
my first kiss
a ukulele
my talent of eyeliner beard making
my driver's license

the year I lost...
my best friend to the N.C.
my braces

the first time I...
met most of the petty family, 
went through a rocky 'breakup'
forgot about breakup and fell in love again,
became a sophomore 
went to sadie hawkins
& attended preference

**2011 was indeed much better than 2010.
I am optimistic about 2012.

*this new year format was kidnapped from emilee.
**if you would like to see my extended two thousand eleven post, it's here.

1 comment:

emilee said...

oh my golly.
i've been gone forever.