December 14, 2011

that's nasty

it's grossing me out the lack of posts and views.
we need to get some blood flow going again.
(if you listen to this while reading it will enhance your experience. promise.)

Midnight City by M83 on Grooveshark

clearly I have been busy doing driver's ed.
will someone remind me why I did not enroll in the summer?
it's horrendous.
tomorrow is my last day however. and I am giddy as a goat.

friday I have a hot date with this neat lacrosse player named Mark.
we are seminary buddies. we are ice skating. so stoked.

asiago cheese bread from either kneaders or flour girls and dough boys is the meaning of life.

watch this. it's great.

range was the most horrifically boring ten hours of my life.
if my nightmares start occurring there, I am coming after coach.

I performed in drama yesterday.
it was a five minute scene that was a metaphor about birds.
I managed to entertain.

I got a stye last friday. it was painful. I got ointment.
ointment is the best word.

so I tweet more than I don't.
and I am lonely over there.
will you do me a favor.
and follow me.
I'm funny I promise.
at least entertaining.
here I am.

lipstick makes me happy.
psych makes me happy.
sausage and bacon makes me happy.

procrastination makes me upset.
projects make me upset.
shelton makes me upset.

I am indifferent about young women.

I missed you. let's chat again soon.



Kelsey said...

shelton is a beast.
i got through by being sassy to here, and breaking the rules as much as possible. if you tell her you know me, she might like you a little more:)

emilee said...

i love reading your blog.