December 30, 2011

pop the question

let's talk wedding proposals.
I have a compare and contrast assignment for you.
which of the following proposals would you prefer?
number 1.

you need stamina to get through this video, sorry. it's a beast. you can get the picture and move on.
 or number 2.

That a Yes? from Paul Searle on Vimeo.

"After dating for four years, we had just moved to Oregon. We drove out to take pictures in my favorite giant field, and Paul spontaneously asked me at sunset. He didn't have a ring or anything--he just suddenly felt like it was the right time and place. It's not the most glamorous proposal, but it was so heartfelt, and I can't imagine a sweeter way. We got married three months later."

from the research that I've done, I think the answer is a resounding
yes to the second.
but I am interested in what you think. a huge or simple proposal?

"Pete wanted to propose to his girlfriend Shannon,
so he went to a Mexican restaurant and spelled out his his proposal in a photo booth.
And it was harder than it looks:
"He told me he only had the exact change for five strips,"
says Shannon, "because he didn't realize they were $3 each,
so he was really nervous that he was going to mess up the order of the letters.
Thus him making a 'I hope I got this right' face in the last photo."
Pete then stuck the strips on their fridge,
and Shannon discovered it while they were cooking pasta.
How sweet is that?"      - a cup of jo here

overall I just love hearing proposal stories. and the best place to find them is here.
I promise if you take a look, you won't be disappointed.

how do you want to be proposed to?


emilee said...

definitely the latter.
i would feel so awkward...being danced at...

brooklyn rose said...

although the first is grand and glamorous, the second is more to my liking. it's just simple and romantic and that's all you really need.

Lexi said...

i personly think it would be so cute if it was a mixture of the two. somewhere in public but it would still be personal and personal and sweet.

to me the perfect proposal would be at disneyland under the castle. cause any man im dating would know its may favorite place in the whole entire world. its still in public and people would still walk by and smile and say "awwww" buts its not ya know. its not too public and flashy like the flash mob one!

i love the photoboth thing but i really really really want to hear my husband say it. "lexi i love you.. will you marry me?"

p.s sorry i wrote a novell. this is just simply my favorite subject. ha.

brittney said...

on a picnic at the beach.
waves in the background and sun setting. (: