December 23, 2011

december tidings

(jane is hilarious. read her.)

I know it's not exactly seasonal but I have always been fond
of the shrek movies. and busting awkward moves.

the good news is I also happen to be a licensed driver.
the bad news is that I won't be rocking this geo prizm until january thanks to christmas.
I'm chill with it though. Driving is super neat.
and apparently earns you thirty six likes on facebook.

now seems like a wonderful time for mint hot chocolate 
and it's a wonderful life with the family.

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Makenna Lee said...

I died watching your jamming video! bahaha

You are too cute!

jessie said...

answer: i speak spanish. like, fluently. but french i only took in high school, so i just speak a little bit.

haleyshantelle said...

Same car? Sweet. Let's have them date.