November 19, 2011

put a sock in it

I am a fan of hair tutorials.
especially when I try them and I love them.
wore this on mah date last night.
instructions here
I love it kind of a lot.
my hair is thin, so it was an extra to have a big bun
that made it look thicker.
try it. love it. you're welcome.


Austyn said...

one of my very favorites!

LisAway said...

LOVE it! So cute. And deceptive. :)

megan danielle said...

i did this yesterday and blogged about it as well hahaha so weird! were like twins...

taryn and taylor said...

i loooooved breaking dawn. {not the werewolves scene though.. i felt like i was watching darth vadar in star wars or something...} but nonetheless, i thought it was the best of the 4!