November 19, 2011

really rather eventful

in a sense, I feel like I haven't done a lot today.
but I also feel like it was a really rather eventful kind of day.

first and foremost, I am not auditioning for the musical.
I just can't. I don't understand why either.
I don't know if it's me being silly or revelation.
but I just think that I really shouldn't audition for my fair lady.
I've been dying to be in a shelley show since I was a wee sevie.
and the play is an all male cast.
and I do a killer cockney accent.
so taking a leap of faith, and deciding against my fair lady.
I will do a final round of prayers and sleep on it tonight though.

secondarily, I saw breaking dawn with megan.
I actually really liked it.
I intended to go like unto observing a cultural event,
but I ended up enjoying.
despite the [insert desired vocabulary] parts.
megan vocabulary : sketchy
olivia vocabulary : kinky
I think it's worth six bucks at your local cinemark.

thirds, when the movie ended my father couldn't pick us up.
(being sixteen without your license is similar to being garroted.)
because the police decided to impound our minivan.
procrastination is our demise.
registration is similar to having your eyes gouged.

and finally. I saw Moulin Rouge for the first time today.
I loved it. a little late to the party I know.
I usually am. I mean, I still haven't seen all of napoleon dynamite.
but holy hannaniah that soundtrack will be within the recesses of my brain
for most likely the next eight years.

Come What May (Finale) by Moulin Rouge on Grooveshark


emilee said...

haa. hannaniah.
your van is getting impounded? that's awful!

Jenny Girl said...

I love Mulan Rouge. I love the music. I love Ewan McGregor. I love it. :) So proud you joined the group :)

Evan Kirby said...

do the can can can! moulin rouge is great. i watched again this past weekend.