November 11, 2011

I don't know if you realize this

but harry potter is phenomenal.
no, seriously.

(check my harry potter board on pinterest for various other totally awesome stuff.)
some people can squabble out the details and nit-pick at the what-nots,
but I am just grateful to have lived through it.
to sit at the midnight premiere,
with a bucket of heavily buttered popcorn and friends.
to leaf through pages, to lose sleep, to be there with them.

I solemnly swear,
I am up to no good.


jessie said...

hey i watched this video on pinterest today too. i cried. i think i was already kind of emotional because it was 11:11 when i was watching it. whatever.

Bailey said...

amen girly, amen.

Mary said...

mischeif managed.

emilee said...

this got me teary.