October 21, 2011

to mah girls :

(for the picture, go here. the models dance.)
what are your favorite styles? 
what are necessary to own?
where do you shop every time there is money in your wallet?

I've been hitting up pinterest. (by the way. I conformed. follow me?)
I would adore your advice.
spill it. in the comments. right now.


sydnee said...

anytime there's money in my wallet,
a substantial amount, i go to urban outfitters.

carlee ellen said...

you can never go wrong with forever 21 and urban outfitters, love. it all depends on really how much is in your wallet. target has been wonderful recently, as well.

must haves;
cardigans. every color. i love patterned ones. target, go there.
a denim jacket.
scarves. lots of em.
black heels.