October 15, 2011

seven seas of rhye

I have been selected by the lovelies haileycalea, & kelsey. here we go :

1. I am obsessed with goldfish. I really am. I have bought most likely a lifetime total of about 42 wal-mart goldfish. I doodle them on my papers in class and I have a pillow case that I have drawn a goldfish on. 2. I can't write with pencils. drives me mad. black ink pens all the way. 3. I have a dent in my forehead from not wearing a helmet when I was seven. 4. I like collar bones and wrist bones. I like the way they look. I think they are attractive in their own way. 5. I can't start a paper or test or assignment without writing my name, date and period at the top. and on both sides if necessary. 6. I listen to songs from the twilight, new moon, and eclipse soundtracks on a daily basis. 7. starting this school year, I paint my nails every tuesday.
p.s. I love this print. found here.
I have chosen jessie, emilee, talia, and morgan to share 7 things as well. 

1 comment:

court said...

haha, so funny. we have number 5 and 2 in common. i can't use pencil. i hate it. and i can't do assignments without first and last name, period, and date in the corner. the date is a biggy. drives me insane if it isn't on there.